RBS interview questions !!

Hi below are the topics which is extensively asked in RBS.

If you are comfortable with the topic mentioned below then you can surely crack the java developer interview for RBS. Good luck…

Read jdbc/sql topic only if you are applied for a position which requires sql.

——————-RBS threading question ———————-
java 1.5 concurrency package non-essential
http://java.sun.com/docs/books/tutorial/essential/concurrency/ – till topic of high level concurrency objects and Q and Ans.
http://www.java2s.com/Code/Java/Threads/Producer-Consumer.htm – see topic 1,3,4,6 – 4th topic can be adapted to pooling problem from written test
khalid mughal java 1.4 book complete chapter
thread pool implementation if time permits
remember some optimization or efficiency problem can be solved by use of multiple threads
any file system related problem which lead to i/o blocking is candidate for multithreading – no i/o calls in synchronized as user may be lazy in sending input

———RBS core-java interview question—————————–
serialization – externilizable – some methods which needs to be implemented – purpose of serial id ( related to versioning ) – transient – what if class has changed by the time we deserialize
collecitions – khalid mughal chapter – static methods in Collections class
overloading , over riding , hiding of members and functions – both static and instance
cloning – relationship of parent and child class wrt. cloning and serialization
oops – general – adv. of abstration , inheritance , encapsulation , polymorphism , inheritance vs compostion ,composition vs aggregation
see basic classes from javadoc like Object , Class , Classloader , ThreadLocal.
NoClassDefFoundError vs ClassNotFoundException from javadoc
check dynamic proxies , proxy pattern , java proxy class if time permits

——————RBS written test question —————————
concurrent modification exception
indefinite recursion while stack is limited – what happens to program – does the program complete or Stackoverflow exception etc.
pooling problem mentioned above – interface was provided
caching implementaion where in cache needs to be deleted with enteries older than 5 minutes
equals and compare to implementation – see naturual sort order of string – and how equals depend on compareto

————————————jdbc—— ————————–
batch processing
only after above basics are clear see below –
How to retrieve multiple result sets from execute menthod of Statement
see javadoc for Driver, Driver Manager , Statement , Prepared Statement , Callable

—————————————————sql ——————————
important topics like referential integrity , sp , triggers , indexes , keys , joins , cross join
removing duplicates from a table – can group by help

—————————————-design pattern ———————-
singleton – difference between same and static class , effect of multiple class loaders on singleton , volatile keyword
decorator , strategy , command , factory method , abstract factory , adapter , proxy if time permits in same order